Coconut Oil – Natural Health and Beauty Use

Coconut oil is a must in our home. Not only is it great for cooking and baking,  it’s great to use as a hair mask, moisturizer and even tooth paste. Coconut oil is 82% percent saturated fat (therefore recommended to consume moderately), oxidizes slowly and can last up to 6 months at room temperature. It is perfect for cooking since it can withstand high temperatures. Many believe coconut oil may fight certain viruses, fungal infections and bacteria. In addition to cooking use, here are a few of my favorite home and beauty uses for coconut oil:

1. DIY body scrub

This is one of my favorites! Since coconut oil has an amazing smell, you can make an easy homemade body scrub. Mix 1 cup of coconut oil with 1/2 cup granulated brown sugar, and apply on body (legs, arms, back, chest). If you want an extra smell, you can add a hint of pure vanilla extract. You can store your scrub in a glass jar and keep it in your shower for future use (once a week).

2. Shaving

Use coconut oil to shave in the shower. First wash your legs to with warm water then apply coconut oil (in paste form) instead of shaving cream. Shaving is much easier and your skin will be super soft after. To top it off, I apply coconut oil after the shower as a moisturizer.

3. Whiter teeth and oral hygiene

Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of turmeric (not a must) and mix into a paste. Brush your teeth twice daily with this paste, and you will see that in time your teeth are brighter, and will also have less gum sensitivity. And no – the turmeric will not stain your teeth 🙂 You can also use coconut oil as a mouthwash.

4. Make-up remover

Before washing your face in the evening, apply coconut oil on a cotton pad and remove face/eye makeup. It might feel a bit greasy so I usually do this before my evening shower.

5. Lip Balm

Whenever I feel like my lips are about to get chappy, I apply coconut oil for instant relief (and I love that it’s 100% natural). On the go you can store in an old moisturizer container or a contact lens holder.

6. Sore breastfeeding nipple remedy

I learned this trick a bit late, only with my second child, but it’s another one of those coconut oil winners. Simply apply to chapped and sore nipples and you will feel much better!

7. Hair mask

Apply coconut oil to hair and scalp, work it in gently and let it sit (with a bath cap if you prefer) for 30 minutes. Rinse, then wash your hair with shampoo as usual. Coconut oil promotes shiny, healthy hair and helps to nourish damaged hair. It also is a great remedy against dandruff.

8. Diaper rash

Apply coconut oil to relieve a baby rash (not a newborn). It’s the perfect chemical free remedy. If possible and for the full effect, let your baby/toddler run around diaper free.

Baby Legs

9. Bug Bites

For a natural remedy against those aggravating mosquito bites, apply some coconut oil on the bite and the itch will go away!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

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